tloja1Environment pollution continues to be reported from the TTC MIDC area of Taloja where one can see untreated hazardous chemical waste being leaked in the open. This is not the first time that a report of untreated hazardous chemical waste being dumped in the open is being reported from the TTC MIDC area of Taloja. It was 20 years ago that the MIDC had laid down pipelines in the TTC MIDC belt of Taloja to carry chemical waste out of the area but today the pipelines have deteriorated past utility. And it is from these pipelines that untreated hazardous chemical waste is leaking in the open on the roads. Shockingly, despite knowing for a fact that these liquid chemical wastes finds its way to the nearby settlements in villages and fields of farmers, authorities continue to turn a blind eye towards the grave environment violations. Frustrated locals voiced their anger to NMTV News. Later NMTV News met MIDC Deputy Engineer S S Jagtap in the matter who said that they were soon going to replace all the old and deteriorated pipelines carrying hazardous chemical wastes from the industry. Unless environment authorities do not wake up to the violations, an epidemic in the area in the near future is highly probable. However no points for guessing that till that happens a lot of damage will be done to environment beyond repair. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Shailendra Updhayay for NMTV News.

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