vitthal-more-1The Annual Environment Status Report is statutory for every municipal corporation to submit to the Environment department of the Government. NMMC has prepared the Environment Status Index, the Urban Amenities Index and the Standard of Living Index in the city. The NMMC General Body approved the annual environment report of NMMC for 2007-08 with only one voice of dissent from Vitthal More. Vishwarath Nayar reports. The Environment Status Index in NMMC’s Environment Report has been arrived at after evaluating the air quality, noise pollution, drinking water quality, solid waste management, sewage management status, the quality of water on the land surface and under-ground water, biological waste management and public health. Vitthal More’s was the lone voice of dissent in the 88 members of NMMC general body when the report was approved by the house. He lashed out at the report stating that it was as good as the public toilets in the city. The report mentions the number of public toilets constructed and reconstructed annually but nothing about the neglect and unsanitary maintenance of the same. BYTE He pointed out the claim of 24X7 water supply in the city in the report, which he alleged was false claim. He questioned to know which node is receiving the 24 hours water supply. He alleged that the boast of 137 gardens in the city as per the report had no meaning, as many of these were poorly maintained with broken play equipments, unclean and ever grown or dried up foliage. Vitthal More called for including Encroachments as a very serious component in the Environment Status Report. Reminding the ruling political powers in the city about their promises of transforming Navi Mumbai into Shanghai or Singapore, Vithal More urged them to first begin by following norms, rules and procedures of good and effective administration. With Archana Tripathi, Vishwarath Nayar for NMTV News.


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