Eurable call center empowers persons with disabilities

They say, “when god closes a door, he opens another”. This is exactly the narrative of the employees of ‘eurable call centre’ by eureka forbes which gives varied opportunities to people with distinct disabilities and thus helps them rise above their disabilities.

It is said ‘hellen keller may have been born deaf and mute but she could hear and speak for millions’. In the same vein, chembur-based ‘eurable call centre’, the first-of-its-kind in india is a unique one, which is completely manned by people with different abilities, thus enabling them to turn problem-solvers to almost 8 million eureka forbes customers and help them with their different queries. She adds that this inbound call – centre is a forbes helpline that caters to customer calls and treats them at par with other individuals sans disabilities. This, she claims, helps them come out of their shells and emerge as confident and determined individuals.

The manpower of the call-centre has evidently risen from its initiation as a small tele-marketing firm with 6 employees to about 70 employees till date. The specially able employees spoke to NMTV news about the opportunity given to them by eurable and their experiences in the firm. ‘After every night, comes daybreak’ and, the employees claim that eurable came as a pleasant dawn in their lives earlier filled with nights of struggle and endless anguish.

The call centre provides the employees with all the facilities required to make their work atmosphere comfortable and relaxed. Sharing their goals, these specially abled people say that the call centre provided them wings to dream and fly high. “every dark cloud has a silver lining”; this axiom shines true in the case of the lives of the employees of eurable, with eurable being the silver lining, the opportunity, which helped them rise out of the dark abyss of their disabilities and see the world as any normal individual ought to. After all, even the name in itself calls out to all with special abilities, as it says ‘eu’ ‘r’ ‘able’. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Divya Satyanarayan for NMTV News.

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