The greatness of this man was his simplicity and his power as an individual changed the lives of millions – Mahatma Gandhi. The city had celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi with a respect that reminded the values that he had left behind for the citizens of the India. International thinkers have remarked that it is impossible to believe that a man like Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi lived in a day and age like those. India is indeed a blessed nation to have the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi form an important part of its foundation at the time of independence. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, Tilak Public School, at Nerul organized an Interschool Debate Competition. The aim was to inspire the students with Gandhiji’s teachings and principles. Students of 10 schools debated on the topic “Non Violence – holds relevance in today’s world also”. Students of various schools showcased their exemplary speaking skills here. The event was judged by Management Consultant Geeta Krishnan and Navi Mumbai News Editor Zeba Warsia. The debate highlighted how with his ideologies on non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi has brought the nation the glory of housing an ambassador of peace to the world. Indeed there is no doubt that the Mahatma who is considered to be the father of the nation was the architect of India’s freedom and arguably the greatest man of this century.


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