cidco-nakul-patil-5Accepting that corruption plagues CIDCO, Chairman Nakul Patil said that he wants to bring about reform measures. From an event organized by the Engineers Association at CIDCO Bhavan, our Correspondent Rajeev Mishra reports. Corruption is one of the major set backs of CIDCO, said CIDCO Chairman Nakul Patil in an event organized at CIDCO Bhavan. He was addressing a meet organized to pay tribute to internationally renowned engineer, late Vishwa Sarayya. The event was graced with the presence of CIDCO Chairman Nakul Patil and ex-IAS Avinash Dharmadhikari. What left the audience spell bound was the speech by ex-IAS Avinash Dharmadhikari. One of the significant points made by the ex-officer here was his perspective on the prevailing corruption in the systems and called those indulging in this rampantly as traitors. He sighted the example of the assassination of India late PM Rajiv Gandhi and said that had the assassin not bribed the lady constable on the stage with a hundred rupee note, the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi would not have been as easy. He called the CIDCO officers to not indulge in any sort of corruption that will make them regret when they are living there last years. Evidently, the ex-IAS received a standing ovation for the speech made by him here. Praising the ex-officers’ speech, Chairman Nakul Patil said all engineers should imbibe the advices given by Dharmadhikari in their working lives. He further assured the engineers to not feel insecure about the state forming a separate private company for the two SEZs of Navi Mumbai and said that the demands of the present engineers association of CIDCO will not be ignored by the state. Speaking to Navi Mumbai News, ex-IAS Avinash Dharmadhikari said that casteism and corruption are the two major challenges the country faces today. When quested whether corruption was the reason he resigned as an IAS officer, he said that he did as he had planned at the beginning of his career.

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