terrorism-exibition-2There is no quick fix solution against terrorism. Yet we cannot succumb to inaction and we must ensure that the principles of humanity win. We owe this to our future generation. With this motive, an exhibition was organized on terrorism and humanity at Ravindra Natya Mandir at Dadar. Its’ not just the country but the entire world today is struggling and battling against terrorism – with India experiencing the ugly and bitter consequences of terror activities. To create society awareness on terrorism and violence, an exhibition on terrorism and humanity concluded at Dadar’s Ravindra Natya Mandir. Through artistic presentations, the exhibition highlighted how innocent lives were lost in terror activities and how terrorism has shaken the roots of humanity. The 4 day exhibition saw massive turn out of visitors. Visitors opined that humanism was the most powerful weapon to combat terrorism. The organizer, Sanjay Chide welcomed the suggestions and feedback received from the visitors. This exhibition might be a very small step but when steps like these combine, will it be possible for a society to awaken, will unite and will work to wretch terrorism out of our systems freeing humanity from evils of terror and violence. With cameraperson Vikrant Baile, Ajaz Khan for NMTV News.

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