gansoli-drgahIn a nation where tensions in name of religion and region are often triggered by vested interests, the Hazarat Mehmood Shah Dargah at Ghansoli is setting an ideal example. The dargah sees devotees not just from the Muslim community but from all religions visiting and with the urus or the mela being held here, thousands of devotees are visiting to seek blessings. It is a wondrous example of love and brotherhood that would leave believer of any religion amazed and touched with humanity. Situated in Kharghar – the durgah is popularly known as Hazrat Mehmood Shah Durgah and is 306 years old. The caretakers of the dargah come from the generation of Hazrat Mehmood Shah who have been staying here and taking care of the dargah. One of the famous dargah of Navi Mumbai, the yearly urus also known as the mela is being held right now. One of the unique features of the dargah is that devotees from all religion come here to fulfill their prayers. The dargah is known as a place of brotherhood as people from all religions come here. Once prayers are fulfilled, believers give food to the poor at the dargah. The urus is a grand celebration that the dargah sees every year. A festive atmosphere, the beating of drums and the lights of the diyas are seen all around, lighting the place with divinity. Also present to experience this divinity was Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. Speaking to NMTV News, he spoke about the holiness of the dargah he stated that for a very long time, people have been coming here with their beliefs. Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik comes here with the believe of peace seeking strength from the Almighty to help others. In a nation where often the sentiments of the people are played with in the name of religion, the dargah at Ghnasoli is setting an example of unity in diversity for all to see. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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