Summer has started and so has summer ailments. Every year summer brings along a set of ailments like cough and fever. Today, we bring to you the experts view on how you can keep yourself safe during this time. It is summer time and while children and elders are eyeing ice creams and juicy fruit respectively, what also comes along with this season is the summer ailments. Sunstroke, typhoid, loose motions, cough and fever are some of the common problems that people face during this season especially children. While there is a sudden rise in temperature, we bring to you some of measures that you can take to protect yourself for infections during this time. Summer time is also sweating time, so keep yourself rejuvenated and hydrated with a lot of H2O, that is water. Water will not just give you a glowing skin but also keep your kidneys busy and healthy. Junk food is an absolute no no as during this time, the capacity of preservatives to presev food is much lower. Junk food can also lead to stomach ache resulting in typhoid and loose motions. And another best option for the ladies is to apply sunscreen lotion, cap and sunglasses when going outdoors. Follow these simple steps and keep yourself and your family protected and healthy. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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