Science-train-1The science express that was flagged off by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angela Merkel in October last year has finally arrived in Mumbai. The “Science Express,” is a special train put together by Indian and German scientific agencies to showcase the contemporary as well as futuristic scientific advances besides being a symbol of understanding and goodwill between India and Germany. In Mumbai, the Science Express was inaugurated at the hands of General Manager of Central Railways, Soumya Raghavan. With the aim to ignite young minds to take up science and research, the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, Government of Germany, the Max Planck Society and BASF India limited joined hands to start this Science Express. Upon its arrival in Mumbai, it was inaugurated at the hands of the General Manager of Central Railways, Soumya Raghavan who shared her experience with NMTV News. The train would be visiting 57 cities across India’s 27 states, one of which was Mumbai. Beyond expectation, the Science Express had a detailed exhibition of science and technology starting from micro-cells to space. We spoke with some teachers present during the exhibition who spoke on the exhibition. Over 300 large format visual images, over 150 video clips, interactive multimedia exhibits and 3-D models were some of the highlights of the exhibition. The most distinctive feature of this science exhibition was the Kids Lab where the students were given a chance to experiment under a supervisor. We spoke to some of the students of this Lab. Science is a mystery and Science Express will answer curiosity of young minds as the train criss crosses across the country.

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