Fall from grace! Maharashtra cops among most corrupt in the country

Its’ been a subject of debate among citizens for the last couple of years but has officially been brought on record by the National Crime Bureau Records. The bureau records the cases registered against policemen across states in the country and this record exposes that the cops in the state of Maharashtra are among the most corrupt in the country.

There was a time when the Mumbai Police was considered next best to the Scotland Yard police – that is the best police in the world. Keeping that in mind, the recent statistics made public by the National Crime Records Bureau speaks of the fall from grace for the Mumbai police. From rape, extortion, underworld links, disproportionate assets, custodial death to fake encounter, shoddy investigation of cases leading to frame-ups – the list of charges against policemen in the state is long and disturbing but not surprising. According to the National Crime Bureau Records
• Between 2006 to 2010; more than 21,000 cases have been registered against policepersons.
• This includes serious cases like illegal detention and custodial death.
• While the strength of the Maharashtra state police is 1,80,000, the “police persons per 10,000 people” is 17.93.
If data from the National Crime Records Bureau on complaints against policemen is considered along with the police strength of the states, the comparison shows that Maharashtra is 5th on the list among most corrupt cops in the country. The top four slots in the National Crime Records Bureau go to Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Punjab. Maharashtra is fifth on the list.

High profile cases of encounter specialist Pradeep Sharma, Powai’s Sr. Police Inspector Arun Borude, DCP Anil Mahabole to everyday woes of the common man of how they have to bribe the police for either pursuing a case or sometimes altering the course of investigation in cases; have exposed wrong exercise of power by cops in Maharashtra. This shameful record is a fall from grace for the state police force that officially, is now among the most corrupt in the country ! Bureau report – NMTV News.

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