bmc-fish-2The MCGM seized suspected contaminated samples of fish at the Sassoon Dock and Chhatrapati Shivaji mandai. After the oil spill, the civic body had issued an advisory asking people not to buy or eat fish. However the Chairman of the MCGM Market and Garden Department has protested the advisory saying it is injustice to fishermen. MCGM officials said they collected samples of fish that had turned black and sent them to the laboratory for testing. The civic body has also issued an advisory asking people not to buy or eat fish. However, the members of all fishermen unions are a worried lot. They say that the fishermen are being deprived of their livelihood. They don’t want the MCGM to take action. Vilas Chawri, Chairman of MCGM’s Markets and Darden department, said the fishermen in Colaba, Worli and Madh island were the worst affected by the incident as they stopped going into the deep seas. He said injustice is being done to fishermen. He added that the civic body should check the fish at the docks for contamination. Vilas Chawri said that there is no question of compensation to fishermen as they are anyway banned from entering the seas till August 15. Doctors however are advising that there is a need to exercise caution until they are ascertain what kind of chemicals have dispersed from the cargo apart from the oil. Toxins from the leak could poison the fish. Those who consume the contaminated fish could suffer gastroenteritis or even kidney failure. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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