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Federal workers, economists, tourists department, all going through a nerve breaking moment with just two days to go for the historical shut down, Washington

With just two days left to go for the historical shut down, the moment has become a nerve wrecking moment for almost 700 000 federal workers, as the shutdown is bound to hit their already suffering jobs real hard. They all would have to stay back home once the federal services shuts their door. The next to take the shutdown blow would be the tourism department. Washington’s tourism department is mainly responsible to work for the growth of the economy; it consists of all federally funded attractions like the museums, battlefields and zoos. With a shutdown they will be an estimated loss of $200 million per day. Not just federal workers, but the Americans also would have to suffer when these federal services shutdown. Like, Child care services, Medicare, Social Security, house loans, business loans, clinical trials for research funded by National Institute of Health all are federal services. The people have to suffer has all these federal services wouldn’t be able to provide service to them. In fact, even the garbage would not be get picked maybe for a week as even that comes under the federal services. Only the trains and postal services would not be affected.
According to the economists this shutdown would act as a tsunami for the already suffering economy. The economy has been still trying to cover up losses around 5 billion dollars for the falling positions in federal services, but this shutdown would not only affect US within its boundaries but it would affect their global financial system. As the shutdown would pull America further into a cloud of uncertainty profitable businesses would not want to invest and hire in US. For an economy that has already been bleeding bad, a lengthy shutdown would be the last thing that it could take. As the US economists says, this shutdown would be the nightmare of the recession all over again. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV


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