gurudwara-1For the Sion-Koliwada’s tiny Sikh community, faith goes beyond the tiny aboard of guru and god. Doors at the Dashmesh Gurudwara are open to anyone, who put in a small contribution and is ready to serve fellow human beings. No wonder you feel immense peace and joy in this temple, where one has to cover the head as a mark of respect to the gurus and the humanity. Dhiraj Mishra brings to you a special feature on this historical religious monument of the city. Located at Sion-Koliwada, the Dashmesh Gurudwara’s splendour gradually unfolds as you walk through the doors. A flight of stairs leads you to the congregation hall, the three domes above stand as palpable symbols of Sikh architecture. On a well decorated pedestal in the eastern corner of this hall lies Sri Guru Granth, which Sikhs regard as their 11th Guru. This place is not only the symbol of devotion, but also a center of service too. This gurudwara was built in 1966 with beautiful design and has many stories to tell. From this hall, the stairway descends into Langar or dining hall that can accommodate 300 people at a time. The temple has facilities to lodge pilgrims, a place for Granthi (reader of scriptures), a library, computer lab and even a sewing lab. Behind Langar Hall, there’s a clean and hygienic kitchen were Langar – the sacred food is made. The gurudwara is daily visited by devotees. We spoke to a devotee who has been rendering service to the gurudwara since 25 years. Organizing Akhand Path or continuous recitation of Sri Guru Granth is a practice among the Sikhs on special occasions. A task that requires skill and elegance, the recital is performed by a skillful Granthi appointed by the committee that runs the Gurudwara. After 48 hours of uninterrupted singing, prayers are held at the Gurudwara. It is a time of peace and divinity for the devotees who come here to pray. The gurudwara houses a spacious kitchen with huge pots on the stove cooking delicious food. Langars – the sacred food are special here, as devotees can contribute, cook and share the sacred food. Children participate enthusiastically in helping in the kitchen, making rotis. Right from elders to the young, the festivity of occasions can even be felt here. Besides providing other facilities, there is also a hospital at the first floor of the gurudwara which is equipped with modern equipments. With the marble architecture and huge pillars, the gurudwara stands tall, shining under the lights as a pillar of devotion, peace and divinity. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Dheeraj Mishra for NMTV news.

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