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Few hours of showers exposes failed pre monsoon work of NMMC

A few hours of rain and NMMC pre monsoon work have been exposed. NMTV has been highlighting how contractors of NMMC have been doing shoddy job and showers for a couple of hours exposed that Navi Mumbai is so not ready for any disaster.

Non stop rains for a couple of hours and NMMC was exposed. Failed pre monsoon work of the corporation was exposed as water logging was reported from several areas in the city. At Sector 6, Koperkhairane, the situation was worse than grave. Within a few hours of rain, water logged in the area. No NMMC disaster management dept.’s official reached the area and only after the local corporator’s intervention, workers reached the site. What followed exposed how pre monsoon preparations in this area have been zero? That’s because workers were seen removing lids of gutters and entering gutters to clean them that too in dangerous conditions as power cables run by the gutters. This cleaning of gutters that should have been done prior to monsoon was being carried out by workers as it rained.

Making allegations against NMMC’s influential road contractor Mahavir Construction, local corporator Vijayanand Mane said that during the road work being done by Mahavir construction, the debris was left unpicked in the entire sector that led to choking up gutters in the area. He said that no disaster management officials reached the area.

The expose did stop here. Locals showed NMTV the recently constructed gutters in the area. The few hours of rain showed the poor quality gutters made by the contractor. On the other hand, NMTV witnessed the worst within Mathadi homes of the poor in the area. Due to choked up gutters, water entered the homes here from the toilets of residents who spoke their hearts out on the nightmares they live every monsoon. The residents questioned if this is the condition in first few hours of showers then what will happen in the coming months of monsoon.

Evidently, residents feel that NMMC pre monsoon works are a major failure this year. On the other hand the situation at Vashi was equally bad. Take a look at these sectors of 14 and 15 and see how water logged within a few hours here. And it wasn’t just failed pre monsoon works, but just how NMMC is investing in giving rise to disastrous situations were also exposed in the first rain. For instance take a look at how this stretch of footpath collapsed and all tiles and the entire gutters fell inside the gutters posing grave threat for residents of the area. It is shocking that these footpath have been recently built by NMMC but in a few hours of rain they are collapsing like this.

Residents of Vashi too are fearing what will happen in the coming months when rains will hit the city in full swing. If the first few hours of rains are any indication, then two things are clear – one that the money invested in the name of pre monsoon work seems to have been pocketed by the corrupt corporator-contractor-official nexus in NMMC and second – NMMC is definitely not prepared for managing any disaster in the city this monsoon. With bureau inputs, Gangasingh Rajpurohit and Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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