debris-Cleaning silt and filth from gutters and drainage and leaving it outside without picking it up for days has become the order of municipal pre monsoon work in the city. The same complaints came from Sector-15, Vashi where NMMC has cleaned the gutters and drainage but has left the filth and silt out open on pavements. Local residents of the area are furious over the move. Ever gutter and drainage lid at Sector 15, Vashi is open courtesy NMMC pre monsoon work. However instead of taking away the filth and dirt the contractor has done a shoddy job by leaving the silt on pavements. Though NMMC administration is boosting of doing pre monsoon work of cleaning the gutters and drainage on war footing across the city but residents do not seem to be pleased with the way the NMMC contractors are doing the work. If it pours any day soon, the entire filth and silt left unattended on the pavements will flow back into drains making the entire pre monsoon work useless. Besides that, leaving dirt like this is also an open invitation for diseases. The filth and dirt left on footpaths has become an obstruction for pedestrians. Frustrated at the manner NMMC is working in their ward, residents of Sector 15 expressed their anger to NMTV. One of the residents pointed out that the newly elected Congress corporator Sindhu Naik was seen throughout the election period asking for votes but has disappeared after winning. The resident says that now she is not paying heed to their problems. A concerned house wife explained the long term consequence of the waste lying in the open in their locality. When we tried to contact Congress Corporator of the ward Sindhu Naik, she was unavailable for comments. We were told that she has gone for summer vacations. Its really unfortunate that just a month after making so many promises of addressing residents grievances, the corporator has not bothered to check the pre monsoon work in her ward due to which residents of Sector 15, Vashi are suffering. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV News.

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