Finally poor students living in Koperkhairane’s world bank aided homes to get ultra modern municipal school !

A large population within Koperkhairane comprises of people hailing from the economically weaker sections of society. Keeping these people in mind, for the first time in its history, NMMC has decided to make a school that will give poor students an option to study in icse or cbse board with world class amenities. When the project got marred with allegations and controversies, we travelled to Koperkhairane to speak to residents and the people behind the project to bring to you factually why the state-of-the-art municipal school at sec.11 of koparkhairne promises to break conventional outlooks regarding government-run schools and promises to give quality education to municipal students.

Not many know that development in Koperkhairane began by CIDCO in 1986 by launching the world bank aided housing project. The s s type apartments of this node were funded by world bank and their numbers run over 10, 000 apartments. On one side CIDCO has constructed world bank funded budp apartments for economically weaker section and on other side Koperkhairane has a population of high level executives and engineers forming the upper middle classes and higher classes. Some of the best private schools in Koperkhairane cater to the rich but now there is good news for students hailing from economically weaker sections as well. For the first time ever, NMMC has planned a state-of-the-art municipal school in sector 11 Koperkhairane, coming in mayor Sagar Naik’s ward, when the general body recently approved rs. 25 crores for the school; the opposition was quick to raise allegations and fingers at the ruling front. To find out what residents of Koperkhairane have to say and how are the people behind the project justifying the huge investment of public taxes in the school, we travelled to Koperkhairane. We first met mp dr. Sanjeev naik – this municipal school is his brainchild. Mp dr. Sanjeev naik says that along with Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik and MLA Sandeep Naik; it was their dream to give poor students a municipal school that would give any private school a run for their money.

Referring to the scores of students living in CIDCO apartments across the node, thane mp dr. Sanjeev naik said that the aim is to provide quality education these poor students.

Spread over nearly one lakh sq mts, even the structure of the building is unique with each floor moving outward as it develops. The architect of this school building, sandeep gwash of the firm states that the idea to have such a structure was to give the feeling to the students of growing as they graduate from each class. The confidence that the team behind the school exuberate is coming from the huge public response they are getting from families in Koperkhairane. They have unanimously welcomed the municipal school in their neighborhood.

The reason why the school is receiving positive response by the public is because for the first time ever a municipal school will boast of an auditorium, playground, library, art, drawing and music rooms along with computer, science and physics labs. The school might become the first not just in the city but the state to provide such ultra modern educational amenities in a municipal school. Forget the poor, the fees of private schools is going beyond the reach of even the common man and this is the reason why when a municipal school with such world class amenities is being built for the poor, the public is welcoming it with open arms. The investment of public taxes might be in crores, but the investment is being done in education that has power to transform the future of the nation.

The municipal school coming up in sector 11 Koperkhairane will give students the option of studying in an icse or cbse board municipal school. The best aspect of this is that poor students can avail all this at nominal fees of NMMC. It’s unfortunate that the opposition corporators are trying to garner media mileage by opposing a school for poor students when these very corporators sit as mute spectators when crores of public taxes are drained every year in the name of road, gutter and footpath repair. Perhaps, the main reason for opposing this school is that there are no kickbacks for these corporators in this project. These corporators fail to understand that investing in education will nurture young minds to become responsible citizens of tomorrow. With cameraperson vinayak dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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