bonanza-2The Finance Commission has given a Rs 91 crore bonanza to the Maharashtra state for its many development projects. Compared to other states, this would be the first time that Maharashtra got a better deal from the Centre with the percentage share increasing from 5.001% to 5.207%. This is probably the first time since the finance commission was set up over five decades ago that Maharashtra has a better deal on financial assistance from the Centre. This, after CM Ashok Chavan insisted that his government should get more funds in view of its better performance. For the period 2006-2010, the Centre had sanctioned Rs 36,914 crore-Rs 30,633 crore as regular assistance and Rs 5,531 crore as grant-in-aid-while the 13th finance commission has sanctioned a whopping Rs 91,709 crore-Rs 75,406 crore as regular financial assistance and Rs 16,302 crore towards grant-in-aid for the period of 2010 to 2015. On the grant-in-aid for Maharashtra, it will get Rs 300 crore for construction of new buildings for 35,000 anganwadis, Rs 205 crore for taking up 110 anti-sea erosion bund works in six districts and Rs 200 crore for construction of new roads in difficult terrains. Further, the finance commission has recommended Rs 223 crore for police training facilities in the state. For heritage conservation, it has recommended Rs 100 crore for protection and conservation of various sites, including forts and monuments, which are under the care of the state government, while for the prison department, it has proposed Rs 60 crore for upgradation of facilities in prisons and improvement in prison security. Vrushali Chitre – NMTV News.

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