nirmala-palkar-1A multi-purpose building was built by NMMC at sector 8 artist village in CBD. The building was formed with the initiative of the corporator of ward number 58 Nirmala Palkar. However, its been two years since its completion but the building is not serving its purpose lying in a dilapidated condition. Today in our ward report, find out if NCP corporator Nirmala Palkar has passed or failed in keeping her promises to the residents of ward no. 58. These visuals are the inauguration ceremony of the multi purpose building at artist village. The building was inaugurated at the hands of Thane Guardian minister Ganesh Naik. At that time, the local corporator Nirmala Palkar took the credit of taking the initiative and construction of the building. The two storyed building was formed on a 3800 square feet area with a total expenditure of rupees 26 lakhs 46 thousand. It was constructed on a part of a garden. The building was supposed to have a children rehabilitation centre, gymnasium and a library. And while the inauguration was done, the inauguration of these actitivities did not happen even after two years. Moreover, if you look at the building, its condition at the time of inauguration till date has changed drastically. The grills have been removed, the condition of toilets has worsened, and one can even find bottles of liquor inside the building which shows the place a haven for illegal activities. The building was constructed on some part of the garden. While the building was formed for the benefit of the citizens, today it is lying in a dilapidated condition. It neither has a gymnasium, a library nor bal sangopan Kendra. We spoke to the citizens who were present during the inauguration ceremony of the building and who were promised of receiving benefits of the building. Many citizens alleged that the building has been formed by violating environmental norms while some alleged that the benefits of the building are only on papers. The local corporator of the ward NIrmala Parker belongs to NCP and the building was formed with her initiative. Naturally, its maintenance is also her responsibility. However, she does not seem to be very keen on this. It was unfortunate that she knows the purpose, for which it was built, but was seen putting the blame on its non utilization on former deputy NMMC commissioner NN Alhat. Experts say that there could be a huge controversy lying behind this centre as the plot it is built on is worth crores of rupees which is being eyed by land mafias and politicians. Its been five years and still NCP corporator Nirmala Palkar has failed to keep up with her promises. It won’t come as a surprise when very soon she or her close relative may once again go to the same voters seeking for votes. And then it is would a wait and watch to see if the local residents will once fall for their false promises and elect them as their representatives or make a change in the upcoming NMMC Elections 2010. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monica Bhosale for NMTV news.

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