APMC known as the biggest agricultural market in Asia appalling lacks any fire safety measures. Despite directions by NMMC, the administration of the market has failed to keep up its fire safety measures. The recent fire that occurred in APMC market has brought to light the ill managed and lack of fire safety measures at the APMC market. This is not the first time that fire safety norms have been exposed at the market. Last year two fire incidences were reported from the fruit market. NMMC has also sent notices to the market committee but clearly the instructions are not being followed. The Chief Fire Officer at the NMMC fire brigade Vijay Rane stated that despite giving notices to them, they have failed to comply by it. However, on the other hand, NMMC’s Encroachment DMC N T Jadhav stated that action would be taken accordingly. When we quested why were fire safety rules not being followed in APMC, the committee secretary Sudhir Tungar turned defensive. It was also reported that stall owners used to sleep in their stalls itself to which Sudhir Tungar said that action would be taken. The answers by the secretary of APMC clearly indicate how much the committee is serious about ensuring that fire incidences do not repeat in the future at APMC. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Anil More for NMTV News.

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