Another example of the plunder of the state treasury in the name of security measures was seen when a fire broke out in a local train at Vashi Railway station. Surprisingly, most of the fire extinguishers installed at the station were not functional. One more example of pillage with the Government treasury in disguise of security measures came into light when a train bound to Thane unexpectedly caught fire. The fire broke out at 11 past minutes when it was halted on platform number 1. While the fire did not spread to a large extent but it took more than two hours for technical experts to settle down the fire. The most unfortunate part of the entire incident was that most of the fire extinguishers at the station were not functional. You can see how this railway worker is struggling to utilize this fire extinguisher but could not make it functional. This is not the case with only one equipment. Three extinguishers were brought one after the another, but the workers were unsuccessful in using them. However, one of the workers was intelligent enough to take an extinguisher installed inside the train and used it to control the fire. Despite all the malfunctions, the technical engineer at the station was seen defending the railway authorities. No matter what the technical engineer states, these visuals captured in our lenses are evidence of the railway authorities failure and commuters have no option but to keep traveling risky their lives everyday. Post the terror attacks, railway authorities are purchasing plenty safety apparatus of poor quality, in other words, once again wasting the state treasury. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV news.

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