High-rises in the city will now have to carry fire audits twice a year or lose out on water and electricity supply, the MCGM has announced. The decision comes a week after the state administration brought the Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act, 2006 from cold storage. The idea is to make sure that developers follow the fire-safety norms in a stringent manner. The fire-safety system can get corroded due to wear and tear. The idea is to make sure that the civic body and the state administration learn about the various high-rises in the city every six months. According to fire officials, any building above the height of 15 meters qualifies as a high-rise. All high-rises will have to regularly maintain their fire-fighting system and get a maintenance certificate on a regular basis. Offenders will be given three-hour intimation before an inspection is conducted. Initially MCGM will cut the violating high rise buildings electric supply and water supply. Also before taking any legal action they will give them reasonable time to fix the irregularities. This time frame will differ from case to case. The civic body is also expected to come out strongly against buildings which do not comply with the fire-safety norms. The state government has made it clear that once the Act is commenced, any new buildings which do not comply with the rules will not be given the occupational certificate. The fire brigade will also carry out a detailed inspection of all the parts of the construction before giving the OC. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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