fire-stalls-1Despite security concerns and threat to the lives of Navi Mumbaikars – the NMMC has once again granted permission to erect fire crackers stalls on the main Palm Beach Road. Despite the Vashi Ward Officer and NMMC Fire Officer accepting the dangers, looks like the administration bowed down to political pressure overlooking all other aspects. With malls that cause traffic chaos on weekends on one side, a school and residential settlement on the other side, new NMMC Pratibha water pipelines right behind and underneath high tension power cables – the location of the 100s of fire crackers stalls will be like a bomb that can explode any time. The concerns are more as a fire has already been reported from these very stalls in the past. Locals agree on the dangers that loom on the area. And it is not like NMMC does not know the hazards of its location. NMMC Fire Officer agrees that fire crackers stalls should not be permitted to be erected under high tension wires. On the other hand Vashi ward officer Balkrishna Patil accepts the danger that there location poses. Balkrishna Patil says that he had sent a proposal to re-locate the stalls. However reliable sources reveal that despite the administration planning to re-locate the stalls at the open ground in Sector 1, Vashi, the fire crackers association – dominated by the ruling NCP refused to change locations. Until finally the administration bowed down to the pressure of the ruling NCP party – taking a decision that even can spell a major disaster. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.


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