panvel-bus-1At least 15 children of CKT school sustained burn injuries when their schoolbus caught fire in Panvel. Early in the morning, the school bus of C K T School in Panvel caught fire. The children, going to school after a 10-day break on account of swine flu, were trapped inside the burning bus. Preliminary reports indicate that the bus caught fire due to a short-circuit but investigations are on. However, it is being said that the school bus was carrying a gallon of petrol, which over turned leading to the fire. When the children intimidated the driver about the fire at the back of the bus, the driver jumped out instead of helping the children. There were 35 children in the bus out of which 22 have severed injuries while two are said to be in serious condition. The fire brigade was immediately called for to control the fire. The School owned by Congress leader Ramsheth Thakur once again exposes how many politically backed schools clearly violate fire safety norms beginning with the petrol drum inside the bus. Also, the capacity of the bus is said to have been of 25 students but 40 students were on board. Since most schools avail school bus services on contract basis, the drivers and conductors are not even properly trained. What’s more, school buses should also have fire extinguisher, which was not found in this bus. According to the latest reports, the school administration has disowned the bus claiming that it was hired by the parents. The statement clearly shows how the school has washed out their hands in the matter when it is the school’s responsibility to ensure that students reach the school or home safely. Now it’s a million dollar question if the Navi Mumbai Police takes action against the Congressman Ramsheth Thakur’s school administration for negligence of duty or not. From Panvel, Dyaneshwar Mali for NMTV News.

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