city-mall-1Just how dangerous malls are and the evident violation of fire safety norms was again exposed when an intense fire was reported at the City Center Mall at Vashi. They do not follow norms and easily get away with violating fire safety rules – just how dangerous the mushrooming malls in the city are was exposed when a major fire broke at City Center Mall at Vashi. The owners of the mall went on a cover up pushing the media away and abusing them but were not successful. A portion of the mall and decoration outside was completely burnt in the fire. Fortunately, because the fire broke out in the morning hours when the visitor’s number is less, there were no deaths reported. Nevertheless, it does not in any way underplay the fact that NMMC Fire Brigade led by its Chief R. T. Mhatre has overlooked the continuous violations that the malls in the city are making. In the past, he had visited Center One Mall at Vashi and personally seen how the fire exits were encroached and there were absolute violations of fire safety norms. Yet, these violations have not been arrested even today. At City Center Mall, the Fire Officer said that the blast was a short circuit. However reliable sources at the mall informed NMTV News that the fire broke out due to cylinder blast and only a cylinder explosion can cause such massive destruction. According to rules, it is illegal to have cylinder on any other floor except for ground floor. While the NMMC Fire Brigade Chief R T Mhatre denied that the fire broke out from a cylinder blast, the condition of the entire restaurant above Cinemax theatre is proof enough that the allegations of cylinder blast are true. The fire exposed the failure of the NMMC Fire Brigade to keep a check on the malls in the city that are becoming bombs ready to explode and is such a fire would have broken out at a busier business hour, the count of lives lost is not hard to imagine. But is R T Mhatre willing to answer the calls of his duty or will continue to neglect them for reasons not hard to decipher. With cameraperson Deepak Kamble, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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