solar-tree-2CIDCO along with TERI had also organized a workshop at Khandeshwar Lake along with the inauguration of the first solar tree of the city. Continuing its celebrations on World Wetland Day, CIDCO along with TERI had also organized a workshop with the theme of Reuse and Recycle. The workshop was attended by students and teachers of various schools, colleges and NGOs from across Mumbai and Pune. With the theme if Reuse and Recycle, the educational institutes held skits, presentations and exhibits to show how in their own way they had reused and recycled waste items to make daily use items. One of the presentations that was applauded by all was the paper bag prepared by the deaf and deaf blind children of Hellen Keller Institute. The students used discarded brail paper and newspapers to make a simple paper back. Another presentation that was much appreciated and which was rather unique was that of the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Kharghar. The students of this institute has used worn denim, discarded straws, jute bags, corn husk, all collected from the streets of Kharghar and recycled into daily items like belts, chappals, sling bags and other attractive items. The event also saw the inauguration of the first solar tree of the city at the Khandeshwar Lake at the hands of State Excise and Non Conventional Minister Ganesh Naik. Also present were CIDCO MD G.S. Gill along with government representatives and project engineers. Non Conventional Energy Minister Ganesh Naik appreciated the attempt of CIDCO and TERI for having a Solar Tree which in a way is an attempt to create awareness. CIDCO MD G S Gill said that this project will benefit everyone and would send the right message across. He also added that Teri has already surveyed other lakes and those all will be revamped too. The

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