chandu-patil-2The scientific survey of the sea being carried out by ONGC from Rewas in Raigad to Shrivardhan has become a cause of concern for the local fishermen. The survey is being conducted by a private Company. Oil Natural Gas Company, ONGC has started a scientific survey of the sea from Raigad’s Rewas to Shrivardhan. The survey is being carried out by a private company. However, no prior intimation was given to the local fishermen about this survey. The survey is being carried put by an airplane along with the use of 6 heavy iron cables. What has become a concern for the local fishermen is that they are prohibited to fish in this particular area till the survey is complete which is expected to be the last week of May. This has hit had on the livelihood of the fishermen as this is the time when they can optimize their business as from June 10 to 15 August, fishermen are not allowed to fish due to monsoon. A meeting was held on this issue at Alibaug under the leadership of Vice President of Akhil Machimaar Koli Sanghathna Chandu Patil. The fishermen have hinted at protest if their issue is not resolved. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Nilofar Shaikh for NMTV News.

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