26_7-delugeToday is 26 of July. A year ago the 26/7 deluge shook and shattered the city. Navi Mumbai News brings to you a flashback on the last years’ deluge that has made 26/7 a red lettered day in the history of Navi Mumbai. July 26 2005 – shall indeed be remembered as a red-letter day in the history of Navi Mumbai. Even for a city that has been planned by the best of brains of the country, the deluge of the rains on this day last year shook and shattered the city. The catastrophic deluge killed innumerable people. The city came to a grinding halt following an unrelenting downpour. The frenetic pace of the country’s financial capital died down with transportation services being thrown out of gear. Power supply was erratic in most parts of the city. Innumerable lives were lost and reports of innocent killed in their own cars still haunts the megalopolis. Thousands of commuters were marooned in different parts of the city. Scores of people waded through knee-deep water to reach home. The deluge exposed the disaster management plans or rather no plans that authorities had for the city that is the financial capital of the country. Though normalcy was restored in Navi Mumbai in one day, neighboring cities suffered for days in a row. It was during this trying times, that thousands of faceless volunteers reached the worst hit areas to give food and clothes. The spirit of the city came alive once again – even more government help could reach the distressed, fellows Mumbaikars and Navi Mumbaikars walked out during the floods and after the floods to save a few lives and feed starving people. However, even this year, July has left a scar on the city and its people with the Mumbai blasts. But despite these disasters, the city rises like the phoenix personifying that ‘the spirit of the city’ isn’t just a pretty phrase – it’s a reality that comes to the fore every time the city is struck by disaster. And it was out in full force on 26 /7 last year and 11/7 this year. Compelling one to but Salaam Mumbai !


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