high-tidesWith rains lashing the state, the weather forecasters have declared the days to be on your guard. Even as city authorities will close the flood gates during high tide, the conditions of the flood gates is calling for immediate attention. But before that let’s take a look on the dates when heavy rains are expected to lash the city. With the city suffering already after two continuous days of heavy rains, the authorities are now worried about the high-tide days after the full moon on August 9. Even though there is a high tide almost every day, its intensity is much more after the full moon day. High tide is scheduled for 12.16 pm on August 9, 12.56 pm on August 10, 1.36 pm on August 11, 2.17 pm on August 12 and at 2.58 pm on August 13. During high tide, city authorities close the floodgates. The city floodgates however are reeling under very poor conditions and call for immediate repair and maintenance work. The purpose of the floodgates is to ensure that during high tide seawater does not gush into the city. This in turn does not allow water from the city, to be released into the sea, leading to flooded drains and streets. The water level recedes only after the floodgates are opened after the high tide is over.

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