art-gallery-1Folio Art Gallery in Vashi is one of the few galleries in the city which brings beauty and art together. The gallery has a vast collection of beautiful statutes of gods and goddesses and much more. Take a look at what you can shop at the Folio Art Gallery. It’s said that art speaks for artists. Whenever an artist touches something, then he shapes it in his own way. But when beauty and art of different artists is available at one place then that atmosphere definitely brings serenity. We are talking about Folio Art Gallery located at Vashi. Here attractive statues of god, goddesses, animals and human forms are available. Moreover you can also get to see different human faces and name plates. The gallery has collections of art from eminent artists which varies from oriental art, worli art, animal art, wooden art, and ethnic art. If you want to witness creativity and inimitability then this place would be the answer. Folio Art Gallery has been in existence in Vashi for the last 12 years. The Director of Art Folio and Interior Designer, Geeta Kulkarni speaks on the galleries creative art. The main attraction of the gallery this season is the Ganesh Idols. Some of the idols are also made up of musical instruments. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.


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