Cheerleaders-2On Tuesday, leaders in power exposed the double standards of leaders in power. While Home Minister R R Patil put a ban on bar girls, his President Sharad Pawar’s IPL matches permits cheer girls in bare minimum to dance during cricket matches. Scantily dressed cheerleaders may have added to the fizzy cocktail of cricket and film stars at IPL cricket matches but it has also stirred a moral debate calling them “worse than bar dancers” who are making a “mockery of cricket.” Where on one side Home Minister R R Patil has put a ban on bar girls to dance inside bars in Maharashtra, IPL Chief and NCP All India President Sharad Pawar has permitted cheer girls to be flown in from the US to entice the audience. The issue was raised by members during the state assembly. Sena MLA Neelam Gore and Congress Minister of Home for State Sitaram Mhetre strongly condemned the role of cheer girls in IPL matches. Ironically, Sharad Pawar’s own party’s MLAs too are disapproving the vulgar and indecent act of cheer girls during cricket matches.When bar girls danced inside dance bars for livelihood, there indecency could not be tolerated by politicians who led by NCP Home Minister R R Patil put a ban on them. It is about time that NCP President Sharad Pawar should answer to the public the difference that makes them permit cheer girls on cricket grounds in an audience of women and children and ban bars girls inside bars who dance for volunteering audience, the reason for sponsoring and flying in cheer girls from US while snatching the means only livelihood of bar girls back at home. If scantily clad cheer girls was the idea to excite audience and viewers, why not consider the unemployed bar girls? It is also to be seen that MP Supriya Sule, who speaks on women empowerment on so many platforms stands up for women being used as show objects in shows put together by her father. He made counted visits to the grief stricken Vidarbha but you can spot him in all cricket matches. Now the discrimination that NCP President and Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar is displaying towards bar girls back at home and foreign cheer girls has raised questions that he and the ruling front will have to answer in the coming state assembly and Lok Sabha elections. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad and Rajeev Mishra, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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