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Former President Bill Clinton stands firmly on Obama’s side convincing voters of Obama power

Four years ago Clinton and Obama were standing against each other both on personal and political basis. But during this election, Bill Clinton has decided to stand along President Barack Obama convincing voters and all his supporters of the fact that its only Obama who can tackle economic problems with beneficial solutions.

This election Obama had asked Clinton to speak for him and He agreed to do so rather happily and approvingly. In fact its also believed that Clinton is all getting ready to give a speech that is written by himself. Clinton is extremely popular and talented with words and Obama and team see this as a mighty success in their campaign.

One thing that is common both in President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton is that they actually do believe in people power and that they have always the fact of reaching and interacting with their supporters more priority then keeping the belief of carrying out their activities through advertising mode. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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