shivaji-chowk-2The fountain installed at Shivaji Chowk, Vashi has today become a target of NMMC’s negligence and apathy. NMMC had installed the fountains by spending laksh of Rs to beautify the spot. NMMC might be spending crores of rupees for the beautification of the city, but unfortunately it does not look like it is of any benefit for the citizens. While NMMC is always ready to spend funds on beautification projects, it fails miserably in maintaining them and a fine example of this are the fountains at Shivaji Chowk, Vashi. NMMC had installed these fountains in 2004 during the installment of the Shivaji Maharaj monument. However, the fountain has broken down due lack of maintenance by the civic body. The rod guards of the lights to brighten the area during night-time are lying scattered with only pipes seen and no fountain. The maintenance of the area was given to a contractor but it is quite evident about how much the civic body has checked the working of the contractor. Many were hoping that finally the errors would be looked into during the inauguration of the open gallery in the presence of Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik but the dignitaries present there too turned a blind eye to it.

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