pawer-cut-1Fluctuations and frequent power cuts have created a havoc in the lives of residents living in Sector 12, Vashi. These complaints are not just of Sector 12, Vashi but other sectors as well. Residents of Sector-12, Vashi are troubled with the frequent power cuts in their area. Besides power cuts they are also suffering due to power fluctuations for over a month now. Residents are frustrated with MSEDC for the same. One of the residents pointed out about the rusting open DP boxes. Not just Sector 12, Vashi but even Sector 14, Sector 29 and nearby sectors have been facing the same problem of frequent power cuts and fluctuations. In addition to this open electric cable wires and DP boxes pose a fatal risk to residents with the on going monsoon. Defending the work done by them, MSEDC’s Superintending Engineer, Dinesh Saboo claims that they had done all the needed work prior to monsoon. He however added that more still needs to be done for monsoon. Despite the conditions of power DP boxes reeling in pathetic conditions all over, the SE claimed that they were maintained. The SE however made a few appeals to citizens in regards to precautionary measures during monsoon. Meanwhile the SE assured of taking note of any grievance if brought to their attention. Citizens can call on 27825761 with their complaints. The SE has assured of immediate addressal of these complaints. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV News.

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