kk-2And now moving on to another grave report – residents of Koperkhairane are forced to live in the pungent smell of chemicals that wafts in their homes as their homes are in close proximity to the city’s industrial zone. The issue has now become a matter of huge concern as some of the residents have also become victims of asthama due to the inhalation of the smell. The residents of Koperkhairane have been disturbed by pungent breezes wafting into their homes of late. These houses situated at Koperkhairane are close to the industrial belt because of which day in and day out the residents are forced to inhale the gases emitted from the industries. There are close to 4,500 industrial units in an area of 25.4 sq km in the MIDC TTC (Trans Thane Creek) zone. Many of these units deal with hazardous chemicals like ammonia, sulphur and nitrous oxides. In March, there was a dangerous leak of ammonia gas in the Pawane region at Turbhe, which affected 55 locals who were rushed to hospital. Residents say that the problem becomes worse in the night when they have to close their windows to not let the foul smell come in. The issue has now become a matter of concern has the chemical gases are affecting the health of the residents. While children complain of breathing problems, some of the residents have also developed asthama problem due to this inhalation of toxins. Residents also informed that a year back while MPCB had come to test the air pollution level, no follow up was done after that. One of the residents even alleged that the MPCB officials work in nexus with the factories as whenever the officials come for testing, the factories do not release the gases. The residents say that the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board has failed to address the problem of chemical pollution in Navi Mumbai. The MPCB has the power to withdraw the licenses of those chemical factories that are not following environmental guidelines, but nothing much has been done by this authority. What’s the biggest shocker – the affected residents live in the neighborhood of former Environment Minister Ganesh Naik, MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik and MLA Sandeep Naik. Yet, with all their powers at all levels, relief eludes Koperkhairane residents. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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