_sagar-naik-1Mayor Sagar Naik continues to take on NCP corporators in NMMC General Body Meetings. Neither seniors nor newcomers are being a chance to keep their issues in the meetings. While Mayor Sagar Naik says that they can do so in the zero hour but even that the Mayor has held only once this year. The face-off between Navi Mumbai Mayor Sagar Naik and his senior party corporators is far from being over. After Shivram Patil voiced disappointment against the Mayor’s conduct in the general body meeting, this time it was senior party corporator M K Madhvi and newly elected corporator Dr. Gautami Sonawane who were not allowed to keep their issues in the general body meetings. So you remember the confrontations between the young Mayor Sagar Naik and senior NCP member Shivram Patil over the issue of injustice being done to Mathadis and low Income Group house owners in KK. Shivram Patil had expressed anguish and fury and alleged that the administration was being supported by the Mayor in the denial justice to the 11000 low income households of KK. At that time Mayor Sagar Naik stuck to his stand and on the contrary had criticized Shivram Patil. Speaking to NMTV News at that time, he had said that it was incorrect on Shivram Patil’s part to raise an issue when proposals of other wards were being taken up. Mayor Sagar Naik had even advised that corporators should speak only on their proposals. This month once again, Mayor Sagar Naik clashed with corporators of his own party. He disallowed senior NCP corporator M K Madhvi and newly elected corporator Dr. Gautami Sonawane from keeping their issues in the meeting. M K Madhvi insisted on speaking on an issue related to footpath but the Mayor just did not allow. It is believed that due to the respect of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, NCP corporators are not publicly protesting against Mayor Sagar Naik. But their disapproval against the Mayor and support to party colleagues being asked by the Mayor to stay quite was apparent when they clapped in support of Dr. Gautami Sonawane who was arguing with the Mayor. However, Mayor Sagar Naik did not let both M K Madhvi and Dr. Gautami Sonawane speak. In his defense Mayor Sagar Naik always says that he does not allow corporators to speak on anything except for the concerned proposals because they can put forth their issues during the zero hour. However despite giving the excuse of zero hour, fact is that Mayor Sagar Naik has conducted zero hour only once since he had become Mayor. That is why the growing opinion is going against the Mayor Sagar Naik and leading to unrest within NCP corporators who are planning to meet Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik on this unrest. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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