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Ganesh Naik keeps ‘purpose & humanity’ at the heart of his fundamental leadership in crisis

Intellectuals across the world have believed that ‘charisma’ is an inexplicable notion yielding profound rewards when it comes in gaining the people’s mandate.

While we know of many global and national leaders possessing the charisma of wooing voters in reaching errands of victory, Navi Mumbai has one such Leader who for ages have been striking the masses with his aura, daring outlooks and unwavered public works entitling him the to be called the Guardian of Navi Mumbai.

Ganesh Naik is believed to be the only leader in Navi Mumbai who has ever earned the respect of raising the bars as of national leaders in inheriting a peculiar ‘charisma’ that drives, motivates and dynamises the political discourse of the city.

From reaching out to masses on grassroot levels to holding deliberations with officials, Ganesh Naik’s approach towards shaping Navi Mumbai and his zeal for it’s development has remained the only constant in his ever-changing political career.

Ganesh Naik’s power-packed speeches and witty potshots at the mud slinging allegations charged at him by the Opposition have for long known to a be visual delight to Navi Mumbaikars who adore and admire him.

Ganesh Naik’s infamous finger snapping at several intervals has become his tempting style statement persuading the masses, and as contagious as his charisma is Ganesh Naik’s never turning the challenges down attitude has inspired his party workers today to grow to be a force looked upon by the masses.

The pandemic has taught us the hard way and its lessons need to be well learnt, its time that leaders realise that when a crisis hits, you can’t just rest on your laurels and think that everything will move along,  The only leaders who communicate effectively and learn from their mistakes are poised for success and those who dissemble and vacillate can harm and alienate their constituencies.

By not leaving citizens to fend for themselves in a demolishing pandemic, Ganesh Naik has been one such of a veteran leader who prioritised the well-being of Navi Mumbaikars by being and providing from the core of the system.

From early 90’s to the trending 20’s Ganesh Naik’s charm has not faltered and his urban insights of actively switching to changes attributes him to be a brilliant people’s leader, his 50 years of ensuing political career shined out when COVID-19 hit Navi Mumbai bringing it to it’s worst and while other leaders were floundering—communicating poorly, not providing trustworthy information and failing to follow through on promises, Ganesh Naik throwing all health hazards over his back, stepped down defying age and safety restraints to aid, restore and revive a pandemic-stricken Navi Mumbai.

The city witnessed its largest food distribution drive lead by Ganesh Naik and his brigade who took #FeedTheNeedy initiative over and across the 111 wards of the city.

From essentials to food grains, from to masks to sanitisers, Navi Mumbai BJP under the prudent leadership of Ganesh Naik proved to be the only active political party in the city reaching out to the masses amid an unforetold pandemic.

When heavy rains wreaked floods and havoc in different parts of the state of Maharashtra, Former Minister and Airoli MLA Ganesh Naik flagged off Navi Mumbai’s largest humanitarian aid initiative to the flood hit Konkan and Western Maharashtra.

BJP Navi Mumbai party-workers from across Navi Mumbai pooled in resources and efforts to put together clothing, food, bedsheets, towels, mats, utensils & other necessary items needed for immediate relief of the people living in these areas.

Times such as floods, pandemic and natural disasters are when humanity is put to test and leaderships  come under trial, Ganesh Naik and his team on the contrary has shown determination to outwill the tests of time in standing strong for the citizens of Navi Mumbai.

While the opposition may despicably agree, none can deny that Ganesh Naik has been the legendary leader whose roars are not bound to closed doors, whose demeanour radiates in his morals and whose bonds surpass the elites to reach the down trodden to set standards of being the people’s leader for generations to idolize.

And as the NMMC elections have come knocking Navi Mumbai’s doors yet again, both rivals and allies await to see it’s veteran leader back on ground, strategizing moves in turning the tables swiftly towards it own.

While the outcomes still remain unclear, what remains in clarity is the fact that Ganesh Naik’s ‘charisma’ makes him ‘The Czar of Navi Mumbai’ that transcends party boundaries and his leadership in Navi Mumbai is a ‘molder of consensus’

-Marilyn Ravi, NMTV News


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