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Ganesh Naik returns with a bang

Throughout history, leaders have risen and fallen. Some were dethroned, never to return to their former glory, while others regained what they once had plus more. Leaders were defeated but miraculously rose from the ashes like a phoenix, returning to greatness. And if there is one leader in Maharashtra who has experienced this up, close and personal is Ganesh Naik. The landmark victories he has seen is rare, with defeats never eluding him. But it not the defeats, but the victory after it that has defined Ganesh Naik.

Ganesh Naik Always In Power
Ganesh Naik is one of the very few leaders whose victories or defeats have never affected that way Navi Mumbai loves him. Probably thats why often the Naik’s relation to Navi Mumbai is compared to the Gandhi’s family connect with Amethi. Whether he is in power or not in power it makes no difference as Ganesh Naik undoubtedly rules Navi Mumbai for the last two decades. He has a mass following among the masses including different sections of the community. He followers call him the Shilpakar or the Architect of Navi Mumbai as the city grew leaps and bounds to the status of developed planned city built by CIDCO only second best to Chandigarh. He commands great respect from the various people from the other parts of India who have made their abode in Navi Mumbai. Infact they form his major strength.

All his political opponents who were made their entry into politics when Ganesh Naik was in top have become now his staunch competitors but they all have deep respect and admiration for him. Without Ganesh Naik, the party would be non-existent and its so-called leaders would be non-entities. If there is any party in Thane district, where the leader symbolises the party, it is Ganesh Naik.

Ganesh Naik The Dada For All
As a person Ganesh Naik is affectionately called Dada because he is a he is a person with a heart of love, affection and always helping others but thats definitely not the traits that define him as a politician. Because as a politcian he is cunning, ruthless with sometimes even coming across someone with pride & arrogance. Often, his defeats are attributed to these traits. Though he was a hardcore Shiv Sainik and a minister in the Balasaheb’s Shiv Sena regime, he maintained a clean secular image and always a strong support to the minority community. Perhaps that is why when Mumbai burnt, Navi Mumbai continued to remain peaceful and safe for minorities.

Ganesh Naik The Mass Leader
Promoting dynastic politics, all power in the family, failing to fulfill the promises, massive corruption in NMMC tenders & contracts, cuts in deal in every proposal and so many allegations continue to hound Ganesh Naik but for the public he remains to be the most adorable and respected Dada.

Ganesh Naik is Maharashtra’s only Agri leader who has always created records and risen as one of the tallest leaders in Maharashtra, that is often seen only the rise of Maratha leaders. In fact, he is the state’s only leader perhaps who at one time had a MP, a Minister, a MLA & A Mayor all in the family at the same time between 2009 to 2014. Its another story that this also led to controversies surrounding his colorful political career.

In the 2014 election, Ganesh Naik faced a shocking defeat at the hands of Belapur MLA Manda Mhatre. He was one of the many who became victim of the Modi wave. But this is not his first defeat. Sitaram Bhoir of Shiv Sena had defeated Ganesh Naik in 1999. However, he emerged winner in two consecutive elections in 2004 and 2009 with record margins. As elections come closer, it appears Ganesh Naik is on the comeback trail with the possibility of wiping out the humiliations of 2014.

In his traditional unique style and practice he has started the personal connect with the people. He seems to have left his defeat far behind and back with the same enthusiasm, confidence & strength. He knows that his power lies on the public he loves & admires. Will Ganesh Naik’s dashing personality backed by his charisma and enthusiasm work magic in the minds of citizens and give the beloved son of Bonkode a chance to serve them again? This is a million dollar question that 2019 assembly elections’ will answer. With bureau inputs : Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.


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