ganesh-naik-September 15 is a festival in Navi Mumbai. It’s because the day marks Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik’s birthday. While every year, thousands go to meet their leader on his birthday, this birthday could be termed as one of the most special ones for the Navi Mumbai strong man and his supporters. Well, the reason is not hard to guess – it’s because last year on his birthday, Ganesh Naik was fighting perhaps one of the biggest battles of his life just ahead of assembly polls and this year his birthday is being celebrated when his elder son is a MP, younger a MLA and nephew the Mayor of Navi Mumbai. He is enjoying absolute power in Navi Mumbai and if there is one reason for this successful journey – then it is because Ganesh Naik continues to be the chosen one by the people – he is the Guardian of all subjects in Navi Mumbai. That’s what we compile together today in the birthday feature on Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. For a leader who proved his magic for nearly four decades, 2009 elections could easily be termed as the biggest battle for Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. The year started off with his elder son fighting the parliamentary polls and the year, then for the first time assembly elections were being fought for two constituencies in Navi Mumbai and soon after came the NMMC polls. The magnanimity of the challenge in front of Ganesh Naik was felt by almost of everyone. It gave an opportunity to his detractors within the party and opponents to raise questions of Ganesh Naik’s capabilities s a leader and gave reason for the anti-Naik camp to criticize him. Even critics didn’t spare him alleging that Ganesh Naik will pay for the dynastic rule politics he was practicing. But there was one segment that did not believe or get influenced any of this – the voters. They neither wanted change nor did they accept the united face of opposition. These cards could have worked in some other constituency, not in Navi Mumbai; because if there’s one thing that works in Navi Mumbai – it is Ganesh Naik. Even after four decades, the magic of Ganesh Naik is such that no matter wherever Ganesh Naik goes in Navi Mumbai, the crowd gathers in thousands. In return of their love and admiration, Ganesh Naik is always sure to give his followers, supporters and well wishers a wholesome smile, a familiar nod, a wave of hand, an eye to eye connect or even a quick word coming their way. And each goes back gratified. It’s been four decades that Ganesh Naik has been enjoying this support of Navi Mumbai. And that is why when the D Day came, MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik won Lok Sabha elections, Ganesh Naik himself won the assembly polls and retained his ministry in the state cabinet, his younger son MLA Sandeep Naik won assembly polls, NCP came back in majority in NMMC and Ganesh Naik’s nephew Sagar Naik adorned the role of the Mayor of Navi Mumbai. That is what makes September 15, 2010 perhaps the most special birthday for the Navi Mumbai strongman. Last year on his birthday he was fighting the biggest battle of his life while this year his birthday comes when the Naik family is enjoying the stature of being the first political family of Navi Mumbai and one of the most powerful families of the state with one MP, one cabinet Minister, one MLA and one Mayor !

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