turbhe-gas-2It could have been one of the biggest tragedies of Navi Mumbai had the rains not poured. Just how easily industrial outlets and go-downs are violating basic norms as MPCB sits as mute spectators has been exposed at the Turbhe gas leakage case. Locals of Turbhe informed NMTV News that Indian Trading Company that belongs to NCP party worker Afzal Khan brings in gallons from chemical industries that contains chemical residue. These gallons are washed at the company’s go-down at Turbhe and the polluted water is drained directly into the city drains without taking the needed precautions and permissions. It was the chemical residue from one of these containers that drained into the drainages and caused gas leakage in Turbhe. The first victims of the gas leakage were 11 students of Turbhe’s Navjeevan School where the gas came out of an open drain. 4 of the 11 students are critical and were shifted from the NMMC Hospital to MGM Hospital. The gas leakage was so severe that over 35 residents of Turbhe too had to be admitted in the NMMC Hospital. The Principal of Turbhe’s Navjeevan Hospital spoke to NMTV News. MLC Manda Manda visited the children and other victims at the hospital. Several other political persons too visited the hospital that included NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik. What cannot go amiss is that this area of Turbhe is densely populated by poor people and activities like washing hazardous chemicals in such area is a violation but MPCB and the State Environment Dept. do not care at all about the dangers these go-downs pose to the lives of the poor people. And without much hesitation the MPCB officer who came on the site said that they have given no permission to the company. This is just another example of how today has become of the most redundant wings of the state that has failed to check the rampant environmental and industrial safety violations in Navi Mumbai. The continuous flushed out the chemical from the drains immediately. Had the God of Rain not poured today, a major disaster could have claimed hundreds of lives of the poor. With Monika Bhosale, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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