ghantagadiThe controversial Ghanta Gadi or Bell Vans contract seems to have miserably failed in its purpose and implementation completely. The rainy season is now adding to the mess and stink. We bring to you an exclusive report. The rainy season has added to the failure of the ghanta gadi. The ghanta gadi or bell vans contract has been awarded to M/s Ramrao Patil after several controversial decisions and chain of events. As per the Supreme Court guidelines that lead to the formulation of the Urban Solid Waste (Management and Disposal) Act 2000, it is mandatory that urban solid waste should be processed scientifically and disposed in a land fill and the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board approved the Turbhe dumping ground to be filled as per these laid conditions of the Act. The controversial Rs.7 Crore annual contract to Ramrao Patil, included cost of transport and disposal of solid waste after segregating dry and wet garbage as per the act. Closed refuse compactors with side loaders had to be provided to collect, carry and dispose the garbage, which is not provided till date and cleaning workers are handling garbage with their hands which violates the solid waste management rules. As per condition 14/1/1 of the contract, the contractor was to encourage residents to segregate dry and wet garbage for which no such attempt by the contractor was evident. Instead NMMC appointed Manoj Advertising Agency to publicize awareness to segregate dry and wet garbage for Rs. 1.05 crores in 3 years. NMMC approved the contract of Ramrao Patil for Rs. 7 crores to segregate dry and wet garbage and dispose the same, after canceling the contract of 81 contractors who were doing the disposal without segregating for only Rs. 2.5 crores. Inspite of violating all the major conditions of contract for transporting and dumping domestic garbage in the city, the Ghantagadi contractor Ramrao Patil, managed to get the approval of the NMMC standing Committee in March this year for extension of contract till August 2006 and Payment of Rs. 2.0256 crores. Meanwhile the ghanta gadi services have hit rock bottom as is evident in several corners of the city.


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