ghatkoper-2The residents of Nityanagar at Ghatkopar are living the worst civic nightmare as sewerage water has reached their societies and the area has become an epicenter of diseases. And despite two months, the BMC has failed to check the situation. Take a look at this filthy dirty water. This is no gutter or drain but the entrance to a society at Nityanagar, Ghatkopar and the dirty water that you see is directly from sewerage pipelines. The problem began after the Andheri Link Road was constructed. Since then periodically the sewerage lines of the area choke up with water flowing in the reverse direction and oozing out of gutters into societies. Earlier, clean up operation of pipelines cleared the problem, but this time, the situation has gone from bad to worse. A senior lady resident of the area informed NMTV News that the sewerage water that enters their entrance often comes close to electric meter boxes and only alertness of residents prevent a disaster. Residents complain that diseases like malaria and jaundice have become rampant due to the sewerage water that cuases a foul stink every evening in the area. They say that a few women have even had minor accidents and those who go to pray to mosques, have to take the longer routes. Locals say that despite appeals to the local corporator and personally visiting the BMC office, there has been no relief. The local corporator Kumar Pandey however says that they are not proud of what prevails and that it is unfortunate that they have not been able to find a solution to the problems for two months now. Till the BMC finds a solution to clean the choke up sewerage lines, the residents of Ghatkopar’s Nityanagar will have to live in an atmosphere that completes violates the basic rights of a clean environment promised to them under the constitution. Sana Warsia – NMTV News.

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