gir-fes-1With the aim of preserving the rich and glorious culture of Girangaon, four youngsters along with the NGO Pukar have organized the Girangaon festival. The four youngsters Shrutika Shitole, Tejal Shitole, Ajit Abhimeshi and Kiran Sawant – started research on Girangaon months ago. Information was gathered from old mill workers, socialist activists and cultural activists around the area. It was through this study that Shrutika Shitole learned of the culture of Girangaon and how it has been fading away. They decided to take a step by organizing the Girangaon festival. This festival will exhibit life, the popular chawl culture and folk art of Girangaon. The recent encroachments around the area have in a way hampered the culture of Girangaon and these youngsters believe that Girangaon would have no character without the history of the area and it is the youth of today who has to nurture it and preserve it. During the early times Girangaon staged brilliant theater, produced singers, writers, poets, and actors who spread the stories of Girangaon through their creative ventures. We spoke with the Director of NGO Pukar, Anita Patil who gave an insight on the festival. Present as the chief guest was Kapil Bhopatkar, owner of Bharatmata, the famous talkies. We spoke with the artist who participated in the event. With cameraperson Lahu Konde, Hansaj Kanaujia for NMTV News.

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