mcaThey say that if a woman does well in Cricket in India, it is despite the State and the establishment and not because of it. The thought crossed the mind of those present at the MCA’s cricket coaching camp for girls that got underway this morning at the Navi Mumbai High School Grounds. We bring to you a report with the prayer that girl students excelling in any sport be encouraged to play the game. Do not go by the sober expressions of the 25 young girls that you see here for beneath it, they are an enthusiastic and excited lot of young women players, most of whom have fought there way to be present on the grounds here. These girls are participating in the girl student cricket camp being organized by MCA free of cost. The 45 day coaching camp for boys and girls was inaugurated at the hands of the Principal of New Bombay High School Usha Khandare and NMTV Managing Editor Zeba Warsia. Principal Usha Khandare, who has given whole hearted support to Coach Vikas Satam for bringing girls out of homes to the grounds, spoke to NMTV News. It has been their efforts that three Navi Mumbai girls have made a mark at state level last year by being selected for the state level cricket team. These girls have been coached by sports enthusiast Vikas Satam who is going to train the girl students of the free MCP camp at Vashi. There are many girls like these young girls who dream of excelling in the sport but at every step, their efforts are stymied. Rarely is there encouragement at home. Even if they belong to a liberal, open-minded family, they have to face hurdles of other sorts. And so such girls’ cricket camps are a hope for a new beginning of women – to participate and shine in the sport of cricket. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad and Nilofar Shaikh, Sana Warsia for Navi Mumbai News.


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