forest-ministerThe authorities have woken up to the dangers of climate change and global warming. Efforts are being made to find ways to mitigate their effects. But a lot more has to be done, and fast. The next five years are going to be crucial, say esperts. The new forest minister of the state, Patangrao Kadam will have to get cracking right from the word go as his tenure is going to be full of challenges. The rising sea level is threatening Mumbai. One of the biggest challenges for the forest minister will be to save the salt pan land in and around Mumbai. He will also have to put an end to the large-scale mangrove destruction along the city coastline, failing which millions of lives will be affected. Mangroves are the natural barrier between the sea and the land. Their importance has increased manifold because of the erratic weather pattern Mumbai is prone to. The state needs more forest cover and while vehicular pollution has been brought down, vehicles are still emitting a lot of carbon dioxide. To stop the man-animal conflict, particularly in Vidarbha, the grazing policy, which has been unchanged since 1968, needs to be restructured. Also eco-sensitive zones will have to be created around protected areas in the state. In the wake of all these concerns, Dr. Patangrao Kadam has taken charge of the State Forest Dept. Since his predecessor Babanrao Pachpute was a miserable failure in office who did absolutely nothing noteworthy for tackling global warming concerns, there are a lot of expectations from Dr. Patangrao Kadam. It will be a wait and watch to see if the education baron-turned Patangrao Kadam does anything worthwhile or if he too just sits in office failing to meet people’s expectations. Bureau report NMTV News.

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