shopping-1The Heartthrob of South Mumbai, Colaba Causeway has attracted millions till date from all over the world due to its shopping charm. Today it is winning prominence in locals too. The symbolic Colaba Causeway Market located at South Mumbai is one of the favorite tourist destination especially fashion lovers. It is parallel to Gateway of India and was established by British East India Company. This market is also known as the ‘Culture Square’ and is famous for funky and trendy jewelry and so chic college girls and women can be seen here. You can find assortment of trinkets, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and pearls. Metal jewelry especially of brass and copper is abundantly available here which perhaps never runs out of fashion. The shops here have jewelery that can not be found anywhere else in Mumbai. Elegant bags in various colors, designs, and shapes; perfumes filled in pretty bottles; stylish watches; wooden and marble show pieces, handmade mirror work articles are things to go about. Rare collection of antique round shape watches, hookahs, binoculars, compass, timer, telescopes, globes, lanterns and candleholders are the major tourist drawer. Another attraction of this location is the Caf

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