Good-firday-4Continuing in its waves of celebrations, the city observed Good Friday and Id-E-Milad. Church bells knelled and services were held as Good Friday, the day of crucification of Jesus Christ, was observed across the city. The observation of Good Friday reiterates the fact that Jesus had sacrificed his life to spread the message of love and universal brotherhood. Some carry a cross, to understand better the nature of the burden that Jesus bore. Many Catholic Christians also carry out the “Procession of the Cross” and observe fast, which symbolizes that they share sufferings of Christ. Prayers and carols also mark the day celebrations. In the 4th century, at Jerusalem, a procession was staged from Gethsemane to the sanctuary of the cross, followed by readings about the passion. This was the beginning of the Good Friday observance, as it is now known. On the other hand, what added to the festive environment was Id E Milad celebrations. As is on any festival the divinity of religion and culture was obvious everywhere. Id e Milad being the birth anniversary and the departure of Prophet Muhammad PBUH was observed accordingly in the city. While many celebrated, many also paid tribute to the day by fasting. Whichever the case was the observation of the day signifies once again that the residents each have their own set of beliefs but they know how to respect other’s faith as well. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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