After general farmers, BJP General Secretary Gopinath Munde has come to the rescue of cotton farmers. Putting a question mark at the purchase and distribution of the 25 mills falling under the National Textile Company, Munde has demanded an enquiry by the CBI. Looks like the Shiv Sena and BJP know that the biggest issue to bring on the battle ground towards the elections is the issue of the farmers all over Maharashtra. And that explains why Uddhav Thackarey is constantly seen visiting villages while Gopinath Munde is persistently raising issues of farmers and calling for press conferences. This time, Gopinath Munde has raised the issue of cotton farmers. Stating that Mahasrashra which was once known as the Manchester of the country, has been pushed to such conditions due to the apathy of the centre and the state government that cotton farmers of the state are reeling under dire conditions. He stated that when the NTC had sold off five of its mills to private builders at Rs 2200 crore, it did not pay up the state with Rs 1250 crore as was promised. He further stated that NTC was also reviewing to either sell off the 190 acre land of other mills or to hand it over to private parties under the joint development scheme. Munde demanded an enquiry into the functioning of the NTC by the CBI. He once again raised voice at the irregularities in the loan waiver of farmers and reiterated his decision of going to court. Whether the BJP and Shiv Sena benefit by constantly raising the issues of the farmers will be unveiled soon but it has definitely exposed the failure of the state to do justice to the farmers in Maharashtra. With cameraperson Mehboob Dhanse, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.

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