school-punishment-1With several reports on harsh punishments to students in schools in the media, the state had decided to put down rules on punishments in schools. Classroom torture in the form of harsh and sever punishment is not new in the education system. An example being a boy hit so severely on his head by a schoolteacher in a municipal school in Digha, that he had to get several stitches and has virtually lost interest to go to school after that. Appalled these reports state education dept. is planning to frame guidelines for different kinds of punishments that can be meted out in schools. The decision comes in wake of the death of a 13-year-old boy from Guru Nanak High School, Sion-Koliwada, who died a day after being beaten up by his arts teacher who had a history of violent behavior. The state education inspector and nearly 50 principals formulated a questionnaire for teachers as well as students. The questionnaire deals with the kind of offences for which students are punished, the type of punishments meted out to them as well as their own suggestions for punishments. Principals have been carrying out the surveys in their schools for the last week. Once the results of the survey are out, they will come up with a list of guidelines, which will be presented before the state education department. At present, corporal punishments have been banned by the secondary school code. Any form of corporal punishment was illegal.


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