With the ordinance signed by the governor SC Jamir, the audio and video piracy has been brought under the Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Slumlords and Bootleggers Act (MPDA) that offers stringent action against the accused. State home department officials feel that it will help bring down the heavy revenue loss owing to the piracy of the audio and video in the state. Until now, piracy cases were covered under the National Copyright Act, leaving no scope for police to take deterrent action. The department also had come across cases of a nexus between the piracy business and terrorism activities in neighbouring countries. To offer more rights to the enforcement authorities, piracy has been brought in the purview of the MPDA, which was so far applicable to slumlords, persons involved in production of hooch etc. The home department had sent the ordinance for the approval of the governor two days ago, whosigned it on Wednesday. Home minister Jayant Patil said that it will help the government curb piracy that amounts to a loss of lakhs of rupees.

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