With plans for the new academic year falling in place, complaints are coming in from all quarters of an exorbitant rise in the fees in state run schools. It is being contended, and in some cases even being accepted by schools and colleges, that fees for the next academic year may rise anywhere from 50 to 500%. In response to the complaints of Maharashtra State Board Schools increasing fees, the Government of Maharashtra has announced the setting up of a regulatory body which will decide on the ‘reasonable fee’ to be charged in proportion to the facilities being offered to the students by the institutes. Schools with high reputations manage to charge huge sums of money as tuition fees, justifying this levy by stating that they employ the best teachers in the business and additionally, the student earns this money back within one year when he is armed with a degree from that college. On the other hand, parents and guardians are protesting at the unfair hike in fee year after year. Some facts however cannot be denied. In today’s world teaching is both economically worthwhile plus it requires high skills to be a ‘good teacher’. On the other hand, the days of government-backed education programmes, which were highly subsidised, are slowly fading into the background with the private schools rapidly taking over the role of leaders in the field of education. In these circumstances, a regulator in education would be welcome. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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